Promotional and

advertising department

Our mission is to provide

solutions of the highest quality.

Create unique advertising creations with the Multitouch wall.

We offer
– Multitouch wall rental 120, with specialised software and additional equipment. Such as..
– Kinect one soundbar and the Yamaha sound amplifier. A fast mobile internet three-band WIFI router with Broadcom NitrogAM technology.
– Switch ZyXEL GS1900-24E 24-Port Gigabit
– An intelligent Gigabit managed switch that enables gigabit connections for maximum output

– Create your own custom applications
– Modification, preparation and completion of all the available omniTapps software provided with client materials. (change logos, photos, movies, games and 3D animation)
– Designing the system for individual customers’ needs using the latest existing solutions for innovative presentations.
– Help with installation, testing and system start-up.
– Implementation of the multitap systems.
– The service and transport of the equipment to and from trade fairs and exhibitions.
– Wall and software training.