Department of design

and investment

Our mission is to provide

solutions of the highest quality.

Architectural Projects

We have a wealth of knowledge and skills in the design of architectural objects. This includes objects of complex factuality and scale. We place emphasis on the buildings relationship with the surrounding terrain and landscape. With our skilled team, we create a distinctive architectural character that is closely associated with the established program. We are adaptable to different forms of architecture and architectural aspects, including, construction, installation, communication, and the restoration of objects. We are no strangers to the issues of adaptation, modernization and reconstruction of individual buildings and urban complexes.

Land development projects and arrangements

Sale, Adaptation to the plot, and changes in the Projects.

With all industries and Technologies (Installations; water and sewage, central heating, gas, electricity, and ventilation):
– Brick, Wood, Steel, Concrete and Polystyrene
– Residential, commercial and garage
– Service building, Commercial, Warehouse Production
– Change the way you use buildings and premises
– Inventory of objects, technical opinions, and modernisation projects

Geodetic maps

The Energy efficiency and Performance of a building

Construction supervision:
– Construction Supervision
– Investor Supervision
– Substitute Investment
– Pricing
-Directing the Construction
– A Technical Overview of Objects
– Technical Consulting
– Building records

Interior Design

We offer an interior design service for all building types, private, commercial, and public. Starting with a simple two-dimensional sketch, we take investors on a virtual tour of the interior. Surfaces, materials, colours, and textures can then be specified and altered to meet the specific needs of our investors.

Landscape Projects

The garden is an extension of the home. We see it as a place of rest, relaxation, and fun. It should provide us with aesthetic experiences and surprising metamorphoses. The shape, the layout of the terrain and the investors preferences mean that each plot is treated individually. The formation of the garden can be a long process, many plants are characterised by slow growth, because what is important is the consistent implementation of a well-planned project.

The Supply of Finishing Materials and Interior Design

We offer a comprehensive supply of finishing materials and interior furnishings directly from the manufacturers and the factories. Using cost estimate techniques, we can narrow the number of materials down to meet the specific needs and style of the investors. We provide logistical services regarding the orders, the construction, and the warranty of the products.


We offer a full range and extensive range of services. Including the construction of the building, furniture, and finishing. We work with professional and reliable subcontractors, providing high quality service.

Real estate

We offer a full service in the field of real estate. This includes handling all individual and interesting proposals. We offer valuations, investment planning, surveying, and on top of this, we will take care of all the formalities regarding transfer of ownership. We also offer our unique home staging service.

Home Staging

This is a unique offer for anyone selling real estate, both private investors and developers. The first sage is a 3D visualisation of the estate. It shows how buyers can make the most of the given space and shows all the possibilities for developing the property. The second stage of the process is to make small, inexpensive repair work and add finishing. This will eliminate any undesirable aesthetics from the property that may deter potential buyers.

The design and organisation of investments abroad

We also plan projects and investments located within the European Union and Scandinavia. Our skilled contractors will organise all the necessary construction and finishing materials purchased within Poland. We provide full logistical delivery directly to the place of investment, along with all the necessary customs procedures and documents on the Polish side.