About us

Studio Domena

Established in 1995, Studio Domena has since provided architectural and landscape services. We always aim to maintain our creative passion and to make sure that our customers are always satisfied.

We offer a lot of interesting commercial proposals in the fields of finishing materials and furnishings, as well as complex construction works.

During our years of business, we have worked for many companies and private investors, whilst continuing to grow, and develop new skills along the way. Today, we are an extremely experienced company which is always open to new trends in contemporary architecture whilst adding our own unique personality to each design. With extensive experience, commitment, and enthusiasm, we will always undertake new challengers whilst keeping customer satisfaction our main aim.

Our service is aimed at investors who need advice assistance in large and small projects. We design houses, apartments, studios, and individual rooms such as bathrooms and kitchens. Our service also spreads to commercial spaces, such as shops, restaurants, offices, pubs, and showrooms. We also service other areas, including health clinics and public offices.